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Not the Usual Suspects

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published May 2, 2016

Not the Usual Suspects
A then-married couple, both graduates of elite California law schools, were convicted of felonies and went to jail briefly two years ago for a criminal scheme inexplicably tawdry -- and in February 2016 lost a resultant civil lawsuit for $5.7 million to the scheme's victim. A woman at their child's school had referred to the lawyers' son as "slow," enraging Kent Easter (University of California at Berkeley) and then-wife, Jill (UCLA), who retaliated by planting drugs and paraphernalia in Kelli Peters' car and then, a man identified via circumstantial evidence as Kent (with an accent as if from India), called in a DUI tip to police, resulting in Peters' arrest. According to Peters, neither perpetrator has ever expressed remorse, and although Kent admitted to "stupidity," he now complains that Peters does not deserve her windfall (like a "Powerball winner," he said). [Orange County Register, 2-6-2016]

The online-pornography colossus Pornhub's charity fundraising promotion during February benefited the Moclips Cetological Society ("Save the Whales") in honor of World Whale Day on Feb. 13. Its news release celebrated whales' sexuality -- that they, like humans, do not limit their horniness to procreation. The company said it would, from Feb. 8 to Feb. 29, donate a penny for every 2,000 videos played on its ubiquitous free websites. (That offer might appear modest, but a Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter noted, over the first two days, the world's porn consumers had played 532 million videos -- earning the charity $2,660.) [Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2-10-2016]

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