Jewish World Review May 20, 2004 / 29 Iyar, 5764

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough
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American G.I.s are fighting a two front war — one against foreign terrorists and the other against America's media | I continue to receive a flood of e-mails from soldiers and sailors telling me that the biggest challenge they face doesn't come from radical terrorists in Iraq, but from liberal reporters in America. One e-mail I received today blasted ignorant elitists who attacked our troops actions on the ground from a safety of a Starbucks in New York City. I wish I could describe that e-mail as atypical, but it's not.

These past few weeks, it's become too clear that media outlets are being driven by ideology in their newsrooms than by facts in the war zone. "The New York Times" editorial page continues its embarrassingly one-sided coverage of the war, penning an editorial today predictably called "More Bad News From Iraq."

In this past week "The Times" and broadcast news outlets have continued to focus on the worst news coming out of Iraq and the Middle East. No mention from "The Times" of our remarkable progress in bringing peace to the once volatile Fallujah, or how the Associated Press reported that Iraqi leaders in Saddam's former stronghold are now telling their people and the world that it's in their best interests to work with George Bush and American troops, and, of course, no mention of how powerful Shiite clerics are launching protests against their fellow radical cleric, al-Sadr, telling him to stop interfering with America's efforts to bring democracy to Iraq.

You know, "The Times" token conservative, David Brooks, did write today about how Americans have always been dreamers and how only America could have been naive enough to think that freedom could be nurtured in the most tyrannical region in the world and how America is also the only nation strong enough to make mistakes and still see that dream through to the end.

Speaking of dreamers, John Kennedy dreamed of sending a man to the moon. And less than six years after his tragic death, Neil Armstrong fulfilled the most ambitious dream launched by Camelot. And Dwight Eisenhower, well, he fulfilled his dream of Americans scaling unclimbable cliffs at Normandy and liberating France and the world from Hitler's murderous reign.

You know, the Fuhrer actually mocked America's G.I.s as Boy Scouts who weren't up for the fight. But, in a few weeks I'm going to be walking on the hallowed ground of Normandy, talking to those Boy Scouts who made it up the wall, liberated Europe and won World War II. All I can say is, it's a darned good thing they didn't have to fight Hitler and the 24/7 news cycle, because, if they had, Eisenhower probably would have been run out of the Army on a personal scandal, FDR would have faced impeachment hearings, and U.S. troops would have been tried for manhandling S.S. guards or prison guards at Auschwitz.

What a sad chapter these past few months have been in the history of the war reporting, proving once again just how biased and out of touch our elite media is.

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