Jewish World Review May 14, 2004 / 23 Iyar, 5764

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Americans get it, our media still doesn't | You know, while the rest of America focused on the savage execution of a young American citizen, "The New York Times" today chose instead to deliver its 23rd editorial on the Iraqi prison abuse scandal. Much like the Baghdad art museum scandal a year ago, "The Times" editorial page seemed strangely obsessed with any story that can cause the most harm to America's war efforts.

We are, after all, a nation that's been fighting for the future of our civilization since the last plane fell on 9/11. Now, in a bizarre omission, "The New York Times" failed to utter a single word on its editorial page today about our sworn enemies carving off the head of Nick Berg, this from a newspaper who supposedly cares about human rights and prisoners so much that they've been beating the hell out of the Abu Ghraib story for a week and a half now.

Here's a news flash for "The New York Times." Americans get it. Ten or so soldiers out of 140,000 deployed to Iraq did some very bad things to our enemies. And Americans want these G.I.s punished and they want to you refocus on the enemy at hand. They recognize the face of evil. They recognized it yesterday in that gruesome video. They recognized that it looked eerily similar to the face of evil they were forced to gaze at on September 11. And they are taking note at how the elite media in America and across the Arab world only really seem concerned about prisoner abuse when the bad guys in the story are wearing American uniforms instead of terrorist masks.

The elite media wonders why so few Americans respect them anymore. If they really want to know what the answer is, they only need to look at today's press coverage of the events in Iraq.

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