Jewish World Review May 13, 2004 / 22 Iyar, 5764

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough
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A reminder of the enemy's true nature: A crime that puts the prison abuse into perspective | While politicians in America like Ted Kennedy were comparing our soldiers to terrorists who ran Saddam Hussein's torture chambers, those terrorists actually showed the world just how dangerously wrong the Massachusetts senator is.

For a week, I have been telling Americans that they needed to keep this prison scandal in perspective. Now, the murderous thugs who are trying to stop freedom from spreading to Iraq put this scandal, this war, and this operation to liberate Iraq, in perfect perspective.

Terrorists who fear freedom more than anything else took the life of a young American by the most brutal and savage way possible. With a videotape running, they actually took a knife to the side of Nick Berg's neck and carved half of it off. They flipped him over. Then they cut into the other side. And while screams rang out, they finally severed the Philadelphia native's head, held it up, and shouted, "G-d is great."

Watching that video, I thought of the hell that Nick's parents and family members have to be going through, and of how Nick was actually over in Iraq to help rebuild that terrorized land. I thought about how those senators debating the niceties of international law apparently have no comprehension of just how evil our enemy is, and how now, more than ever, there can be no substitute for total and complete victory in Iraq.

We are a world in a war that will determine whether our children and their children live in peace. It's a war that will determine whether we all live in a world where innocents are slaughtered, and terrorists define national policy. America must lead. America must persevere. And America must win, because we simply have no other choice.

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