Jewish World Review May 6, 2003 / 4 Iyar, 5763

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough
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‘The Real Deal’ on ABC News: Another media insider expose | There is liberal bias at some of the most powerful networks in America. That news is no shock to conservatives. But the bias uncovered is even greater than you can imagine. If you want to know why, here's The Real Deal.

LAST YEAR, Bernie Goldberg shocked the media world by telling the truth and letting Americans in on the dirty little secret that CBS news slanted the news to forward their own liberal agenda. Predictably, Goldberg was ostracized, attacked by liberal media types, and saw his book go to the top of best-seller lists.

Now, another news veteran is coming forward and naming names at CNN and ABC. Peter Collins exposed the pro-Saddam bias at CNN last month. He told the shocking story of how CNN executives forced him to read copy written by propaganda officials for Saddam Hussein. The revelations caused a firestorm, and greatly damaged CNN's reputation across America. But as you know, liberal bias is far from limited to CBS or CNN. According to Mr. Collins, ABC News and Peter Jennings displayed an unabashed admiration for Marxist points of view. While communists were ruling Nicaragua, Collins wrote a news report that didn't pass Jennings' approval. The ABC News anchor re-wrote the story so it would praise the Marxist regime and praise the Communist Sandinistas for, "Spreading wealth and creating a new, unselfish society." The Jennings script went on to praise the communists for pushing land reform and reducing illiteracy.

For those who recall the feel-good coverage Marxist leader Daniel Ortega and his merry band of Marxists enjoyed throughout the 80s, maybe Collins' revelations were not all that shocking. But they should be.

The fact is that the bias Collins saw up close at ABC News continues unabated today. And, despite the conservatives' advances in alternative media sources like talk radio, the Internet and cable news, the left still has a stranglehold on the most powerful media conglomerates in America and the world. And unlike network news coverage, conservatives like myself let Americans know it's our political point of view. Consider it a daily conservative op-ed page.

But we get no such admissions from ABC News. That's why rebels like Peter Collins and Bernie Goldberg's revelations are so important. Only by shining a light on the previously hidden bias can Americans get a better understanding of exactly how the news reports they watch only tell one side of the story.

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Former Congressman Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.) hosts “Scarborough Country,” 10 p.m. ET, weeknights on MSNBC. Comment by clicking here.

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