Jewish World Review April 30, 2003 / 28 Nisan, 5763

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough
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The Iraq-al Qaida link:
The elitists were wrong | I admit itů Sometimes the elitists in the media and government carry themselves with such a swagger that I stop for a second and say, "Hey, maybe they're right. Maybe the rest of us are just plain stupid." It doesn't happen often, but the last time it did was when news anchors, op-ed writers, and French diplomats were ridiculing conservatives for believing there was a link between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

This weekend, we all learned again that the elitists were wrong. If you want to know why, here's The Real Deal.

This weekend, the Toronto Star uncovered documents linking al-Qaida and Iraq. Contained within the information uncovered at the site of an official Iraqi ministry, were detailed accounts of how the two terrorist entities were to work together to strike at American targets. There was even a planned terror summit between Saddam and Osama, though we'll probably never know if the two actually met.

The elite media and the Hollywood stars denied it for months, but this weekend, because of an enterprising British reporter, the lights were turned on to the truth, and there we saw it for ourselves - bedfellows Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Not a pretty picture, to be sure.

But probably not as ugly as the snapshot we got into the soul of Jacques Chirac's France. This weekend we learned that our former ally, France, actually passed along private conversations its leaders had with the United States and Great Britain to none other than Saddam Hussein. France also advised Iraq on how to thwart America's efforts to liberate the Iraqi people.

Call it what you want, but the only real word for it is "treason" - treason against a NATO ally, treason against a coalition member, and treason against a country whose people once gave their all to liberate a country that no longer deserves to be called "America's ally." And that's The Real Deal.

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Former Congressman Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.) hosts “Scarborough Country,” 10 p.m. ET, weeknights on MSNBC. Comment by clicking here.

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