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Neighbors Helping Neighbors | Doggone It!

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published April 22, 2020

Neighbors Helping Neighbors |  Doggone It!

In Richfield, Wisconsin, neighbors Eric Trzcinski and Trevor Reinke have missed sharing a beer while they are socially isolating.

So Trzcinski came up with a novel idea: He's a car guy, and happened to have a spare exhaust tip that was the perfect size to hold a bottle of beer.

Using zip ties, he strapped the tip to a remote control car, then dropped a bottle of Corona (yes, on purpose) into the pipe. He called Reinke, told him to start videotaping, and Reinke caught the little delivery as it zoomed across a busy street and up his driveway, delivering the cold brew into his hands.

Trzcinski's Facebook post featuring the video racked up more than 5 million views, he told FOX6 News on March 24. [FOX6 News, 3/24/2020]

Alberto Tito Alejandro, 51, was arrested following a high-speed chase after Washington state troopers received multiple calls on March 29 about a car hitting two other vehicles south of Seattle and then racing away at speeds up to 100 mph, AFP reported.

Trooper Heather Axtman said when officers got close to the 1996 Buick, they were shocked to see a dog sitting in the driver's seat.

Alejandro was steering and pushing the gas pedal from the passenger seat.

"When we took him into custody," Axtman said, "he admitted to our troopers that he was teaching his dog to drive. ... I've heard a lot of excuses ... but I've never had an excuse that the dog was driving."

Alejandro was charged on multiple counts, including driving under the influence of drugs. [AFP, 3/30/2020]