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Ah, SNAP! | Signs of the Apocalypse (As If We Needed More)

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published April 13, 2020

Ah, SNAP!  | Signs of the Apocalypse (As If We Needed More)

PSA: The Deerfield, Michigan, American Legion has been forced by COVID-19 restrictions to cancel its annual testicle-eating festival, which was to take place on March 21.

The big event, which draws 2,000 locals and visitors to Deerfield every year, offers deep-fried cattle genitals (also known as mountain oysters) and chicken gizzards, Metro reported.

"So many people look forward to coming to Deerfield during this time of year," said organizer Nick Pulver, "[but] I think we made the best decision to delay it."

Organizers hope to postpone it to May 9. The 300 pounds of delectables that were ordered for the festival have been frozen. [Metro, 3/19/2020] Steward Gatt, also known as Stewy the Snake Catcher, was summoned to a yard in Ardeer, Victoria, Australia, in mid-March, where he bagged up a female tiger snake in order to relocate it in the wild.

But when Gatt opened the bag a short time later, he discovered the snake had given birth to several offspring -- one of which had two heads.

According to United Press International, Gatt took the snakes to Direct Vet Services and had them checked over.

The usual one-headed babies were fine, but the two-headed specimen had to be euthanized; "... these animals are not generally viable so it was euthanized on humane grounds," the clinic posted on its Facebook page.

Mom and babies were returned to the wild according to plan. [United Press International, 3/20/2020]