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Published April 9, 2018

 Oops! | Employee Relations

An unnamed man tried an unconventional method to kill a wolf spider in his Redding, California, apartment on Jan. 7: He set it afire with a torch lighter. Unfortunately, the burning spider ran onto a mattress and caught it on fire. Residents were able to put out the mattress fire, but not before flames reached nearby drapes and a flag collection, then a nearby closet, reported the Redding Record Searchlight. When a garden hose failed to douse the blaze, firefighters were called and prevented it from spreading to other apartments. The blaze caused about $11,000 in damage, and all the residents were able to escape unharmed. [Redding Record Searchlight, 1/7/2018]

Pesto's Pizza Shop in Boise, Idaho, takes its pizza prep seriously. So when an employee burns a pizza, the discipline is swift and public: The worker must don an orange bag that reads "I burned a pizza," then "walk the plank," or the sidewalk, in front of the shop five times. Pesto's owner, Lloyd Parrott, told KBOI TV: "You know, we gotta have some fun around here. It's all in good fun." [KBOI, 1/9/2018]