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New World Order

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published April 16, 2017

New World Order

Recent Awkward Apps: The Kerastase Hair Coach (a "smart" hairbrush with Wi-Fi, monitoring brush strokes "on three axes" to manage "frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage");

The still-in-prototype "Kissenger" (with a "meat-colored" rubbery dock for a smartphone that the user can kiss and have the sensation transmitted to a lover's receiving dock over the internet);

The Ozmo smart cup (to "effortlessly" "empower you with a platform for better hydration choices" in your water and coffee consumption -- with software for other drinks coming soon!) (Bonus: Old-school users can also just drink out of it.);

The Prophix toothbrush (with a video camera so you catch areas your brushing might have missed);

Spartan boxer briefs (stylishly protecting men's goods from Wi-Fi and cellphone radiation). [The Register (London), 1-4-2017] [Boing Boing, 12-30-2016] [Boing Boing, 1-6-2017]