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You don't say ...

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published April 10, 2017

You don't say ...

German Horst Wenzel, "Mr. Flirt," fancies himself a smooth-talking maestro, teaching mostly wealthy but tongue-tied German men lessons (at about $1,500 a day!) in how to approach women -- but this year has decided to "give back" to the community by offering his expertise pro-bono to lonely Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have flooded the country. At one class in Dortmund in November, observed by an Associated Press reporter, most "students" were hesitant, apparently divided between the embarrassed (when Wenzel informed them it's "normal" to have sex on the first or second date) and the awkwardly confident (opening line: "I love you. Can I sleep over at your place?"). But, advised Wenzel, "Don't tell (a German woman) that you love (her) at least for the first three months (because) German women don't like clinginess." [Associated Press, 11-28-2016]

Tokyo's Kenichi Ito, 29, bested his own Guinness World Record by a full second (down to 17.47 seconds) in the 100-meter dash -- "running" on all fours. Ito runs like a Patas monkey, which he has long admired and which (along with his self-described monkey-like face) inspired him nine years ago to take up "four- legged" running. He reported trouble only once, when he went to the mountains to train and was shot at by a hunter who mistook him for a boar. [The Guardian (London); Reuters]