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They eat like animals --- for good reason | Home Unimprovement

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published April 28, 2015

They eat like animals --- for good reason | Home Unimprovement

Japan may have its cat restaurants (where loaner felines lounge during meals) and even its penguin bar in Ikebukuro, and London (as reported here a month ago) an experimental owl cafe (with specially domesticated birds perched on diners' shoulders), but not to be outdone, an entrepreneur in Seoul, South Korea, guesses that his Thanks to Nature Cafe will be a big hit -- with sheep wandering through the dining room.

(After all, according to the lunar calendar, 2015 is the Chinese zodiac Year of the Sheep.)

Owner Lee Kwang-ho said his novel business model has attracted visitors from Macedonia, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand, among other countries. [The Independent (London), 2-6-2015]

Recent cases to add to the classic "Don't DIY" Files: (1) Fred Horne of Columbus, Ohio, burned down his house in February trying to smoke the bedbugs out of his couch. Only that one piece of furniture caught fire, but carrying it out of the house, Horne got stuck in a doorway, and the blaze spread. (2) Near Darwin, Australia, in February, an unnamed woman living in an RV came face-to-face with a snake and decided to encourage the serpent to leave -- by lighting a fire beneath the RV's floor. The vehicle was destroyed but, said the police superintendent, "we don't know what happened to the snake." [WBNS-TV (Columbus), 2-4-2015] [Australian Broadcasting Corp. News, 2-25-2015]

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