Jewish World Review April 8, 2004 / 17 Nissan, 5764

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Anarchy descends on Iraq: The Iraq battlefield is changing | Almost a year after Saddam Hussein's statue fell, anarchy descends on Iraq. Fierce battles were waged across Iraq Tuesday as a young Muslim cleric's efforts to set off a bloody terror campaign against American troops set off a firestorm.

In Nasiriyah, Italian troops battled rebels along the Euphrates. In Fallujah, U.S. forces were battling massive resistance in an effort to bring order to the chaotic Sunni stronghold where U.S. contractors last week were savagely murdered, beaten and lynched. Battles raged throughout Baghdad as al-Sadr supporters followed up on their weekend activities aimed at driving Americans out of Iraq. cores of Iraqis have been killed and 12 young Americans lost their lives in fighting.

In light of recent events, three questions have to be answered:

One, does America cut its losses and run? The answer to that is flatly no. Retreating from Iraq is not even remotely possible. And only the most radical U.S. policymakers on both political extremes would suggest otherwise.

Two, do we need more troops in Iraq? Hell, yes, we do. We're at war and it's time we provide the manpower and firepower required to crush all existence from Iraqi radicals and Stalinist thugs.

And, three, should June 30 handover date to the Iraqis be extended? You can bet your life on it, it does. Or more to the point, the lives of American troops have to be bet on the fact that that deadline has got to be extended, because creating this false deadline in time for a presidential election is no way to win a war.

We are a nation at war. And the sooner we treat these uprisings as such, the sooner this bloody nightmare will come to an end. America's leaders have to adapt to the changing battlefield that's before them, and recognize that our generals needs more troops. Iraq needs more time before taking control of that chaotic country.

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