Jewish World Review March 28, 2003 / 24 Adar II, 5763

Raoul Lowery Contreras

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I'm a 'smirking Nazi' | A SMIRKING NAZI…is what one letter writer called me after watching me trash war protestors as irrelevant, "bitterly" so.

They are irrelevant and here are the reasons why.

Number one is that the vast majority (70%+) of the American people support the war with Iraq and can express their reasons for doing so. Saddam Hussein violated the Cease Fire terms that ended the Gulf War and historical lessons dictate that such violators be punished and removed from power (as Hitler should have been when he violated the terms of the 1919 Peace Treaty Germany agreed to). The American people understand this statement of fact. Saddam supporters in America don't.

I will confine this piece to Americans, for Europeans, South Koreans, Arabs and others simply don't count when it comes to formulating American policy. That is not an arrogant statement, it is a statement of fact and based solely on the Constitution of the United States.

The Constitution clearly states that only the President can conduct foreign policy. The Constitution also states clearly that the President is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, not the Senate Minority leader, not congressmen, not the mob, currently in the form of street demonstrators whose main reason for existence is that they hate President Bush.

The Constitution also clearly states that President Bush is the President, legally elected by an Electoral College so clearly defined in the Constitution. The protestors, to the man and woman, it seems, believe that the Supreme Court appointed President Bush and/or that his Florida Governor brother somehow manipulated the vote to give the President the state's electoral college votes. As film maker, college flunk out Michael Moore states, Bush is a "fictitious" President. Needless to say, it is obvious Moore has never read the Constitution of the United States, nor understands it if he has.

The protestors--and Moore-- are wrong on all counts. It was the all- Democrat Florida Supreme Court that gave the election to President Bush by attempting a judicial coup on behalf of their candidate Al Gore. The mistake they made was to set December 12, 2000, as the drop dead date for all legal vote counting procedures to be done. Then, of course, that Democratic court junked its own decision and ordered a statewide recount without statewide rules of counting. The Supreme Court of the United States decided that individual county counting rules was a 14th Amendment violation and it did so on a 6-3 vote (including one Clinton appointee). The Court ordered counting stopped because the Court found the counting without statewide standards to be illegal. Justice was served.

Then, of course, there is the "stupid" factor. The protestors, and some Congress people like Maxine Waters of California, declare that President Bush is "stupid" and that the only reason Yale took him in as an undergraduate was because his father and grandfather attended Yale. That may be. But that theory doesn't hold up when one realizes that President Bush also has a Master's degree in Business from the finest business graduate school in the country, Harvard.

Only Presidents Taft (lawyer) Wilson (PhD), Nixon and Clinton (lawyers) in the 20th Century were better educated than President Bush. It should be noted that President Wilson was a hard core racist (and his wife was a criminal usurper of Presidential power while he was incapacitated for months by a stroke) and Presidents Nixon and Clinton were disbarred for illegal activities and felonies while President.

As for Maxine Waters, who asks how "can we be lead into war by a C-minus student," we must remember that is was Ms Waters who attempted to justify the huge criminal race riot of 1992 in Los Angeles by her fellow Blacks as an "uprising," a justified uprising caused by deep rooted racism in Los Angeles. One must ask, exactly what degree did Ms Waters receive from Harvard, from which one does not earn a Master's degree with C-minus grades?

The next reason for protestor irrelevancy is that they can't make headway with the population because almost all the public knows that the military is all volunteer. During the Vietnam War, most soldiers sent to Vietnam were draftees, draftees who were mostly Roman Catholic (Hispanics and working class whites) and Southern Baptists (mostly poor white Southerners and blacks from all over the country). White, middle-class Protestant America ran off to Canada and Sweden to avoid service. Some, like President Clinton, simply refused to answer draft notices, then claimed they never received them.

Those runaways have passed on the torch to the street demonstrators, but, except for one Muslim American paratrooper in Kuwait who "fragged" his command with three grenades, killing several and wounding a dozen or so, no American military have refused to fight.

The soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines fighting in Iraq are all volunteers, and they could care less about war protestors at home and their baseless views and acts

From Iraq, itself, comes another reason the protestor's views are irrelevant. Hussein has a personal storm-trooper following called the "fedayeen" These civilian irregulars fight in street clothes, wave white flags of surrender to entice Coalition forces into ambushes, use women and children as shields and terrorize Iraqis. These tactics are almost all carbon copies of tactics used by Hitler's Nazi diehards at the end of World War Two. Does the Belgian town of Malmedy ring any bells with the protestors? Probably not, for history is not their forte.

Next comes the media. Never in the history of warfare has the media been involved so thoroughly in a war as this time. Hundreds of the media are with frontline troops. Unlike Vietnam, where drugs like marijuana, hashish and heroin were heavily used by many troops and media people, there are no drugs to warp their minds, only sand, exhaust fumes and bullets fired at them by Iraqis. That is a world apart from the Vietnam experience where journalists openly sided with war protestors.

Lastly, the protestors are irrelevant because they are supporting Fascism in the person of Sadam Hussein and his thuggish gofers. They are supporting a bloody dictator who has killed more Moslems than any person on earth. Moslems who support him are plain and blindly dumb. Americans who support him, and be assured, the war protestors are supporting Hussein, are themselves not just blindly, religiously Koranic dumb, they are stupid. The Koran decrees that all people shall leave "temporal" matters to religious leaders. Thus, the political theory of "consent of the governed" comes into play here.

Allowing Hussein and others like him (Yassar Arafat, for example) to continue ruling their societies and countries because individual Moslems are constrained by their religion from speaking up, does not give succor to Hussein and any Moslems living in religious and political dictatorships. Neither should the support of the tiny minority of Americans who support him because they hate President Bush. Innocent Iraqis are few and far between and usually are women and children who have no say in anything, familial or political.

As this is written, we are watching poverty-stricken, unemployed Iraqis mobbing Coalition trucks carrying relief supplies of food and water into areas where the "fedayeen' have been cleaned out. The crime of it all is that these people live in a producing oil-rich area where the profits have been siphoned off by Sadam Hussein to his personal Swiss bank accounts, to pay for arms purchased from his French and Russian allies, and to feed and pay the "vaunted" Republican Guard. Reports that 60% of these southern Iraqi men have absolutely no source of income and live off government grants of $2.00 per person, per month, are staggering.

The protestors claim they are against war and for peace, but how does that square with being for justice. How can peace be important if people live in terror, live in hunger and poverty, and know that if they speak up, they are dragged off and killed by "fedayeen?"

Peace, like the protestors, is hardly relevant if justice doesn't exist, if tolerance isn't implemented for speech, religion and plain every day living. Until the protestors realize this, they will never be relevant.

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JWR contributor Raoul Lowery Contreras is a columnist, radio talk-show host, and author of "The New American Majority, Hispanics, Republicans & George W. Bush" and "A Hispanic view: American politics and the politics of immigration." Comment by clicking here.

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© 2003, Raoul Lowery Contreras