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Jewish World Review April 12, 2002 / Rosh Chodesh Iyar, 5762

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager
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Is it 1938 again for the Jews? | This is the scariest time for Jews since the Holocaust.

The Jews are being abandoned. Again.

From the Jews' perspective, the world can be divided into three groups -- those that hate the Jews and want them dead, those that ignore this hatred and aid the haters, and Americans.

The first group consists mostly of Muslim and Arab societies. If ever Arab hatred of Israel was purely political, that time has long passed. Arab, Iranian and other Muslim literature today is as anti-Semitic as Nazi literature was. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is a best seller in the Middle East. Articles regularly appear there describing how Jews kill non-Jewish children to use their blood in holiday foods. Jews have been expelled from nearly every Arab country. And the deliberate killing of Jews, including Jewish children, is celebrated throughout the Muslim Middle East. And not just Israeli Jews -- remember Daniel Pearl.

Also ominous for Jews (and for Christians, though most Christians do not feel vulnerable even though they are next) is the great number of Muslim immigrants living in Europe. There are some 32 million Muslims in Europe, and many of them are radical, and therefore, anti-Semitic. Virtually every day in the past month, Jews and synagogues were attacked by Muslims in Europe.

Because Europe fears its immense Muslim population, because of its own anti-Semitism, because it is leftist, because it is dependent on Arab oil, and because America supports Israel, Europe is the primary support of those who wish another Jewish Holocaust. Europe, which has been a decaying civilization since the end of World War I, has reached a moral nadir -- and once again at the Jews' expense.

The second group, the rest of the world excluding the United States, is either pro-Arab (e.g., Russia, China, South Africa) or oblivious to the Jewish state's fate (most of Asia and Latin America).

The third group consists of Americans.

In America, Jews live in unprecedented equality and security, and America is Israel's defender. The reason is not only because America is such a tolerant place. America does not merely tolerate Jews and Judaism. It honors them. And it has done so since its inception. The United States is the only country that has always defined itself as Judeo-Christian. There are Christian countries, secular countries and Muslim countries, but America is the only Judeo-Christian country.

Contrary to what Arab media constantly tell their people, American support of Jews and Israel is not due to "Jewish/Zionist influence." It is due to America's values and to its identification with Jews and Israel. Though Christians founded the United States, the Old Testament played as great a role in America's identity as did the New. Such was the identification with Israel that Thomas Jefferson suggested that the seal of the United States depict Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

As long as America remains Judeo-Christian and continues to prefer the values of the Lone Ranger to those of the United Nations, Jews will never be entirely abandoned. But given the Europeanization of America's elite, the news media's constant moral equation of free Israel and its fascistic enemies, the increasing number of anti-Jewish, anti-Christian Muslims in America, and the continuing influence of the anti-America and anti-Israel left on academia and on liberal Christian denominations, one day the Jews and Israel may entirely be abandoned.

So here we are, just one generation after nearly every Jew in Europe was murdered, and the remnant that remains in the New Jersey-sized Jewish state is threatened with extinction.

Even the bulk of Jewry that was not alive in 1938 feels now as if that year of appeasement of evil is being replayed. As in 1938, the world now seems to be divided between those nations that were about to murder Jews and those that would let it happen.

It is almost unbelievable.

JWR contributor Dennis Prager hosts a national daily radio show based in Los Angeles. He is a director of Empower America and the author of "Happiness is a Serious Problem". Click here to visit his website and here to comment on this column.


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