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Unintended Consequences | The Call of Nature

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By News of the Weird

Published March 19, 2018

Unintended Consequences <B>|</B> The Call of Nature

Stephen Allen of Tukwila, Washington, moved in with his grandmother years ago to help care for her. When she died last year, he invited his brother, a convicted drug dealer, to move in, but along with him came drug activity, squatters, stolen property and debris. Allen eventually asked police to raid the home, but when they did on Dec. 15, they evicted Allen as well, leaving him homeless. "It's all legal, but it's wrong," Allen told KIRO-7 News. "I can't do anything about it." [KIRO-7, 12/16/2017]

Tracy Hollingsworth Stephens, 50, of Alachua, Florida, answered nature's call on Nov. 25 by stopping her car in the middle of County Road 232 and stepping outside. An officer of the Florida Highway Patrol soon took notice as he had been searching for Stephens following her involvement in a two-car collision in the parking lot of a nearby T.J. Maxx store earlier that day. Stephens subsequently underperformed on a field sobriety test, according to The Independent Florida Alligator, and was arrested for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. [The Independent Florida Alligator, 11/26/2017]