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An Engaged Citizenry | Unclear on the Concept

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By News of the Weird

Published March 15, 2018

An Engaged Citizenry | Unclear on the Concept

Pam Bisanti, a 31-year resident of Mount Dora, Florida, has approached the city council more than once about the speeding traffic along Clayton Street, where she lives. On Nov. 27, Bisanti made good on her threat to take matters into her own hands if the council didn't by wielding a handmade sign reading "SLOW DOWN" as she stood next to the roadway during rush hour wearing her pajamas and robe. "The mothers up the street who send their kids down to the bus stop should have every expectation that those kids will be able to cross Clayton without being killed," Bisanti told the Daily Commercial, saying she plans to continue her protest until the city takes action. "I am frustrated, angry and fed up. There needs to be a solution sooner than later. Remember that vision of me in my pajamas," she added. [Daily Commercial, 11/28/2017]

Melissa Allen, 32, was arrested on Dec. 19 after attempting to shoplift more than $1,000 in merchandise from a Framingham, Massachusetts, Target store, reported the Boston Globe. On hand to help in the arrest were more than 50 police officers who were at the store to participate in the annual "Shop With a Cop" holiday charity event. [Boston Globe, 12/20/2017]