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Published March 12, 2018

Inexplicable  |  Special Delivery!

Don't you ever just want to get away? An unnamed man in Catherine Way, Batheaston, England, started digging a "very deep" hole in his yard weeks ago, but caused a neighborhood disruption when he climbed into the hole on Dec. 12 and refused to come out. Neighbor Dominic Denny told the Bath Chronicle that "it started at about 4 a.m. ... when there was a lot of shouting and screaming coming from the house opposite me. The young man's family was outside trying to get him back in the house." Emergency responders from a variety of services converged on the scene, even bringing a crane to lower into the hole to retrieve the man. A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset police later reported that the incident was resolved and "the man got out of the hole of his own accord." [Bath Chronicle, 12/12/2017]

An employee at a TCBY yogurt shop in Matthews, North Carolina, got a surprise while opening three packages delivered to the store -- filled with $220,000 worth of marijuana. Upon further investigation, the store told WSOC-TV, the packages had been delivered mistakenly and were meant for a P.O. Box at the postal store next door. While the origin of the packages is still unknown, the drugs and the recipient's information have been turned over to police, who report that no arrests have been made. [WSOC, 12/14/2017]he whole ordeal began, the bank released the money, and Hebert, at press time in December, was making the 273-mile drive to pick up the check in person. [CBC, 12/14/2017]