March 2nd, 2021



News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published March 17, 2017


(1) The county executive in Cleveland, Ohio, complained in November of lack of funds (because the county's credit is "maxed out") for necessary renovations to its well-known sports and concert venue, the Quicken Loans Arena. (2) In November, after a companion asked Victoria Vanatter, 19, what blood-sucking was like, she let him slice her arm with a razor to have a taste, but the two then argued, and Vanatter allegedly grabbed a knife and slashed him for real. Police in Springfield, Missouri, arrested her after both people were stitched up at a hospital. [Cleveland Scene, 11-30-2016] [Springfield News Leader, 11-18-2016]

Recurring: The most recent city to schedule a civic-minded conference with community leaders to discuss options for affordable, accessible housing in a meeting place that was highly unfriendly to the non-ambulatory was Toronto, in November. The first proposed site required a seven-step walk-up, but following complaints, officials relocated it -- to a building whose only rest room was in the elevator-free basement. [Toronto Star, 12-7-2016]