Jewish World Review March 11, 2004 / 18 Adar, 5764

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough
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Funny, how it's wrong for this president to actually talk about a war that we're fighting right now | Last month, Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe accused the president of being AWOL in Vietnam. The media swallowed that lie whole and made it their top story for two weeks. And last week, media elites played into the Democratic Party's boss' hands again by bashing President Bush for using 9/11 images in his first campaign commercial.

They press played clips of a firefighter union boss blasting the president for exploiting 9/11 by showing firefighters' images. But what the media elites didn't tell you and your family was how the head of that union was John Kerry's national campaign chairman. So much for truth in reporting.

And listening to Senator Kerry's reporters, you would almost forget that John Kerry has used the Vietnam War has his campaign video backdrop, mentioned it thousands of time on the campaign trail, on TV, on radio, in direct mail, and on the Internet that, yes, John Kerry fought the war in Vietnam.

But you know what? It's funny how it's wrong for this president to actually talk about a war that we're fighting right now. Presidents shouldn't do such things, we're told. But nobody told that to Franklin Roosevelt, who used World War II as his campaign issue in 1944. In fact, FDR launched his reelection campaign at, would you believe it, Pearl Harbor. Bet you didn't hear that one in the networks last week, did you? Of course not.

But why should be surprised? The president has been slammed unmercifully over weapons of mass destruction issues, despite the fact that media elites never mentioned that Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, the French, the Germans and the United Nations Security Council and, yes, John Kerry, saw the same intelligence George Bush saw on the eve of the war and drew the same conclusion, that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

So why didn't you hear that story from the elite media outlets? Because most of their reporters hate this administration. They hate this war that liberated 50 million people from Saddam Hussein, and they hate telling you the real deal about what's really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. It ain't honest reporting, but it is the "Real Deal."

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