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Jewish World Review March 5, 2001 / 10 Adar, 5761

Resumania by Max Messmer

Max Messmer
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Consumer Reports

Be smart on the job objective -- "JOB OBJECTIVE: A management position in which I can make order out of chaos."

Sounds like an ideal candidate.

Job objectives continue to be the number one source of Resumania. All too often, candidates prepare objectives that are either too narrow or too broad in scope. If they're too narrow, you limit yourself from being considered for other openings at the company. If the stated objective is too broad, you leave the hiring manager wondering where you'll fit in.

"JOB OBJECTIVE: To inject Faith, Hope and Charity into the American workplace."

Yes, but right now we really need a new receptionist.

"OBJECTIVE: For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed working with computers as well as learning all aspects of the computer itself. As a result, I have chosen to take my career down that yellow brick road, scared of what lies ahead, but anxious to get to the end to see what's there."

The Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Hardware Engineer.

"OBJECTIVE: To work for an employer who is willing to overlook my past work history."

That could be a tall order.

"OBJECTIVE: My objective is simple. I am looking for a great job that pays well and is fun."

Aren't we all?

"OBJECTIVE: To reach five times my age in salary."

Let's see. If he's 30, that amounts to $150 a year.

"OBJECTIVE: To find meaningful employment in the area indicated on the attached map."

He included a hand drawn map of the downtown area of the city in which he lived, which narrowed his choices to about a 12-block area.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is this job seeker from Mississippi:

"OBJECTIVE: To work in a city. Will consider towns."

But villages are definitely out of the question.

Max Messmer is chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc., a specialized staffing firm, and author of Job Hunting for Dummies. Comment by clicking here.


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