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Wait, What!? | Regifted?

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published Feb. 6, 2019

Wait, What!? | Regifted?
Jim Alexander, 41, and Betina Bradshaw, 54, of Torquay, Devon, England, served a Christmas feast for family and friends. On the menu: deer, pheasant, rabbits, badgers ... all roadkill.

Alexander, a trained butcher, has collected nearly 50 fresh animal corpses over the past year.

"I know people will think it's unusual, but really it just makes sense," Alexander told Metro News. Bradshaw says her family refers to him as a serial killer, but he has gradually won her over to the idea of eating roadkill.

"The first few times he brought a deer home he told me it was for the dog. ... Obviously, you turn your nose up a bit at the start, but now it doesn't bother me at all," she said.

Alexander said his odd collecting habits have drawn the attention of police, but "once they realize I'm doing nothing wrong, they are fine, and one even helped me lift an animal into the van," he said. [Metro News, 12/11/2018]

Rakhi Desai of Houston didn't think much at first of the gift she brought home from a white elephant party in mid-December -- a brown stuffed bear with a stitched-on heart.

As she looked it over later, Desai noticed the words "Neptune Society" stitched on its foot "and then I started to feel, and it's almost like little pebbles or rocks" inside, she told KTRK-TV.

That's when it hit her: The bear was filled with someone's cremated remains. The friend who brought the bear to the gift exchange got it at an estate sale, so Desai called the Neptune Society, hoping to reunite the bear with the family it belongs to, but the organization doesn't track the bears. However, there is a name on the bear's tag, and Desai is hoping to find the owner through that.

"(T)his bear is very special to somebody and belongs in somebody's family," she said. [KTRK, 12/28/2018]