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Inexplicable | Police Report

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By News of the Weird

Published Feb. 28, 2018

Inexplicable  |  Police Report

Ja Du of Tampa, Florida, was born a white male named Adam Wheeler. Today, he is not only transsexual, but also considers himself transracial, saying he identifies as a Filipino. "Whenever I'm around the music, around the food, I feel like I'm in my own skin," Du told WTSP-TV in November. Du even drives a motorized rickshaw called a Tuk Tuk, a vehicle used for public transportation in the Philippines (but which Filipinos call "trisikels"). However, some Filipino-Americans are less than welcoming, claiming that Du has overlooked centuries of their people's struggle. "To say you are that race is both unrealistic and problematic," said Jackie Fernandez, a Filipino-American journalist. She believes Du has crossed a line between "cultural appreciation and appropriation." [WTSP, 11/17/2017]

Stacy Scott of Anchorage, Alaska, arrived home on Nov. 24 to find thousands of dollars' worth of clothing and jewelry missing, along with a signature item, George the mounted zebra head, which was a gift from a friend. The thief was bold enough to call a taxi to use as the getaway car and loaded the zebra head into its trunk -- all of which was caught on surveillance camera at Scott's home. Anchorage police tracked down and arrested Desiree Fuller, 38, for felony burglary and theft, and recovered most of Scott's items. But George remained at large until the cab driver saw a story on KTVA-TV and contacted them -- he had been holding the zebra hostage because Fuller neglected to pay her cab fare. In the spirit of the season, George is home for the holidays. [KTVA, 11/27/2017]