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It's Definitely NOT 'One World' | The Litigious Society

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published Feb. 23, 2018

It's Definitely NOT 'One World' | The Litigious Society

Chengdu, China, street barber Xiong Gaowu offers a most unusual service at his roadside location in Sichuan province. For $12, Xiong will scrap the inside of his customers' eyelids using a straight razor, according to Reuters. Xiong suggests being "gentle, very, very gentle" when performing eyelid shaving, or "blade wash eyes," as the technique is known in Mandarin. A Chengdu ophthalmologist, Qu Chao, says shaving may unblock moisturizing sebaceous glands along the rim of the eyelid, leading to a more comfortable and refreshed feeling. "If he can properly sterilize the tools that he uses, I can see there is still a space for this technique to survive," Qu added. [Reuters, 11/24/2017]

The Canadian Press reports that Lorne Grabher of Nova Scotia, Canada, is suing the Transport Department to keep his vanity plate, which reads GRABHER. The retiree has sported the namesake plate for 27 years, but in January it was revoked for being "inappropriate," and authorities denied the reason was because of its similarity to a suggestive comment by President Donald Trump revealed during his campaign. "I am increasingly dismayed by the hypersensitivity of some people who are 'offended' by every little thing they encounter," Grabher wrote in his affidavit. He went on to say that he is proud of his Austrian-German surname. Grabher's case is scheduled to be heard in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in September 2018. [Canadian Press via The Chronicle Herald, 11/14/2017]