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Wait, What!? | Too Quickly Promoted

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Feb. 8, 2017

Wait, What!? | Too Quickly Promoted

New York's prestigious Bronx High School of Science enrolls some of the "best and brightest" students in the city -- some of whom (perhaps rebelling against the "nerd" label) for the last two years have held unauthorized, consensual fistfights (a "fight club") in a field near the school, according to an October New York Daily News report. Students at the school (which has produced eight Nobel Prize winners and eight National Medal of Science honorees) then bombarded the Daily News reporter by telephone and Facebook with acrimonious, vulgar messages for placing the school in a bad light. [New York Daily News, 10-12-2016]

Nathan Lawwill, 32, from Lansing, Michigan, was arrested in Tunisia in October after emigrating as a recent Muslim convert, speaking little Arabic -- which did not restrain him (a one-time Christian) from now being the Islamic Messiah, the "gift to Muslims," "Mahdi to Muslims and Messiah to the Jews." "I am going to be the center of the world very quickly," he wrote on Facebook. He and his brother Patrick were found by police on Oct. 25 "unwashed," and were detained on suspicion of terrorism. [The Daily Beast, 10-27-2016]