Jewish World Review Jan. 7, 2003 / 4 Shevat, 5763

Lewis A. Fein

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Morality's half-time show | Remember this moment, this brief celebratory event -- the leisurely pause between the exchange of toasts and the consumption of champagne.

Record this disruption, the respite between Super Bowl Sunday's bloodless festivities and civilization's physical price. For, once the judgments have been rendered, the trophies assigned and the victors established, the real battle -- a war not between shoe companies or soft drink manufacturers, but among armed tyrants and mighty liberators -- will begin. This just war is both imminent and remindful: a warning that, though we may prefer previous days of good cheer and visible peace (of endless wealth and skyless possibility), there is only the hard movement forward --- of sacrifice, of sadness, of pain and of death. But victory is clear.

This victory, purchased with blood and secured by vigilance, is every citizen's birthright; every Muslim woman's potential liberty, every North Korean child's eventual freedom and every enslaved Christian's future emancipation. But this victory is also anonymity's child: a brave individual, observed by G-d and unidentified by man, for whom no flame can memorialize and no words sufficiently commemorate -- the unknown warrior! And this great man is the Left's most loathsome enemy.

This hero's very existence contradicts the Left's entire behavior, its totalitarian fondness for erasing unpleasant memories and airbrushing away unfortunate figures. For the unknown warrior is as real as the bones interred beneath bravery's crypt, as genuine as the lives bequeathed through ultimate courage. Yet, the Left's response - its reflexive hatred concerning democracy and freedom; its murderous obsession with propaganda and its homicidal destruction of historical truth - remains the same: an evil epitaph, splattered across chiseled granite and positioned above sacred soil -- "Lies!"

Such are the responses before uncontested bravery and undeniable courage. Such are the perverse eulogies delivered by the Left's political ministers, "Stop the American War Criminals!" These evil chants - these monstrous lies and demented actions - now constitute the Left's overall ideology. And yet, this morally depraved movement will vanish just as quickly as it began: upon the rocks of ignorance and submerged beneath the seas of shame.

Still, the immediate objective involves neutralizing the Left's political credibility. This goal is both necessary and nonnegotiable, given the Left's propensity to denounce America and demonize Israel; given the willingness of Hollywood celebrities to underwrite insanity and the eagerness of university students to articulate rubbish. These morally blind soldiers form the Left's volunteer army.

These cowardly followers will not absorb history's most important lesson: that, for every excuse rendered on behalf of tyranny and every defense offered against truth, innocents suffer and imprisoned children die. These faceless victims are the Left's final casualties, Kurdish women exterminated with poison gas and Israeli civilians incinerated by terrorist violence. And when confronted with this evidence, when forced to examine genocide in Baghdad or Pyongyang, the Left's reaction is totally familiar -- "Nonsense!"

The Left's moral vision is conveniently narrow. The movement obscures anonymous bravery and apparent courage. Forced to abandon its own lies and neglect its former wrongs, the Left simply moves forward -- toward more monstrous tyrants, toward more belligerent states, toward greater confusion. The Left can deny reality, but it will never undo heroism's summons:

"Here Rests In Honored Glory An American Soldier Known But To G-d"

JWR contributor Lewis A. Fein is a writer and Internet entrepreneur in Los Angeles.Comment by clicking here.


© 2003, Lewis A. Fein