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By News of the Weird

Published Jan. 3, 2020

Great Art! |  Not Santa

A Japanese man who goes by the name Kiwami Japan on YouTube has chronicled his novel approach to fashioning a very personal engagement ring, the Mirror reported.

For 365 days, the man collected his fingernail clippings, which he then ground into a fine powder and mixed with water in a pan.

After compressing the mixture, he baked it in an oven for 90 minutes, which resulted in what looked like a lump of dark clay.

The substance was packed into a diamond-shaped mold and then mounted into a four-prong silver ring (which he also made himself).

The finished ring features a dull black "stone." Social media followers were unimpressed, but you can't say he didn't put a little bit of himself into the ring. [Mirror, 10/25/2019]

As Stephanie Leguia of Milton, Massachusetts, and her neighbor, Wenhan Huang, chatted in Huang's yard on Dec. 1, an unusual object slammed to the ground just feet from where they stood.

Their backs were turned when what looked like a "giant silver tarp" crashed down, reported the Boston Herald.

On its way, it lopped off four tree branches: "If it had hit us, we would have been dead," Leguia said.

Turns out the object was an uninflated silver evacuation slide from a Delta flight arriving in Boston from Paris.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the pilot had heard a loud noise as the Boeing airliner approached Logan International Airport, but the flight landed without incident.

Delta and the FAA are investigating. [Boston Herald, 12/2/2019]