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Published Jan. 2, 2019

So There! | On the Lam
Administrators at Spalding Grammar School in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, introduced a new policy this year, banning sixth-formers (high-schoolers) from carrying book bags between classes.

The school felt the heavy bags were causing injury to students and encouraged them to carry their books in their arms instead. But Jacob Ford, 17, disagreed, reported Metro News, and made his point by carrying his books in a wicker basket and an open microwave oven, for which he received a two-day suspension.

Head teacher Steven Wilkinson huffed, "We have a student who has behaved in an increasingly inappropriate way, actions the likes of which I have never witnessed, and who has been sanctioned entirely in line with the school's policies."

But Ford's mother, Tracy, backed up her son's protest: "I'm very proud of him for standing up for something he believes in. Microwave or no microwave." [Metro News, 10/22/2018]

Perhaps in an effort to escape its likely fate, a turkey in Shoshone, Idaho, was rounded up by police on Nov. 7 after "terrorizing the neighborhood" around North Fir Street. United Press International reported the bird was detained at a local petting zoo pending the owner's coming forward to claim it. Shoshone police posted on Facebook that the claimer would have to do "an embarrassing dance" to get the bird back. [United Press International, 11/9/2018]