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The Passing Parade | Crime Report

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By News of the Weird

Published Jan. 11, 2018

The Passing Parade | Crime Report

South Western Railway in England took over for South West Trains in August and in its first six weeks collected more than 10,000 items left behind on trains -- including an inflatable shark, an ironing board, a barrister's wig, false teeth, a leather chair and hundreds of jackets. The BBC reported that lost property manager Michael Pugh is beseeching riders to check their seats before leaving the train. While his staff works hard "to ensure passengers are reunited with their belongings," Pugh said, items can be kept for only three months. [BBC, 9/25/2017]

Apparently, even crime goes better with Coke! The manager at Rally's restaurant in Henderson, Kentucky, was busy preparing for the day's business on Sept. 25 when a man dressed in a Coca-Cola bottle costume robbed him at gunpoint, stealing more than $500. The Coke bottle then left the restaurant without hurting the manager and headed north in a gray minivan, according to WFIE-TV. [WFIE 14 News, 9/25/2017]