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Jewish World Review June 13, 2003 / 13 Sivan, 5763

Julia Gorin

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If She Does Say So Herself | All the folks lining up to buy Hillary Clinton's book and breaking Barnes & Noble sales records have said they will be glad to finally know "her side of the story." They think they are going to get it by reading the former first lady's "memoir," Living History.

In her interview Sunday with Barbara Walters, Clinton said she was able to forgive Bill and move past his unfaithfulness. At which point Walters actually asked, in the conditional tense, what Hillary would do if it were to happen again. (As though Bill wasn't watching the interview from a stranger's bed.) The truth is that Hillary moved past these infidelities faster than they happened. The other truth is that the only time Bill was unfaithful was when he accidentally had sex with Hillary. We have proof that this dalliance occurred, since we have Chelsea, and back then in vitro fertilization wasn't the option it is today.

Nonetheless, and pathetically enough, one female caller after another to radio call-in shows claimed to understand why Hillary stayed with Bill, explaining that "there are all kinds of marriages." It is a sentiment we heard much of back when Monica Lewinsky was the current headline.

But more to the point as concerns the Clintons is that there are all kinds of enmities. This one happens to take the form of a marriage. One need only have a little common sense to answer the question why these two don't divorce: obviously, each has a deep criminal past that the other knows about, and each holds it over the other in a death grip. Investigations of the Clintons have been left wanting for the very reason that the Clintons are the material witnesses that investigators lack. Clearly, each Clinton was given to understand by the other early on that if he or she considered leaving the other behind on his or her road to success, the other had the power to see that he or she never saw that success—and would use it in a nanosecond. And that makes the Clintons a team. 'Til death do them part.

If Mrs. Clinton was "gulping for air" during the Lewinsky scandal, barely able to breathe and wanting to "wring Bill's neck," as she writes, it is because the man wasn't careful and got caught—which risked her career as well. Recall that it was on the day of his impeachment that she supposedly socked her husband in the face—and not on the day that he admitted his guilt to her.

This true nature of the Clinton relationship is not likely covered in Hillary's twenty-eight dollar "side of the story," which also conspicuously omits the name Juanita Broaddrick—a name that resurfaced in the media this week, along with Kathleen Willey's. Neither name much interested the American public then or now; only the name Lewinsky did. In striking coincidence, of all three names, it is only this last one that Hillary Clinton had anything to say about--in her heartfelt, personal self-expose. Neatly enough, what didn't bother the majority of the American public didn't bother Hillary either, even on a most personal level.

Surely even the most die-hard of Clinton supporters sense that Juanita Broaddrick isn't lying—especially its female contingent. The question to ask is not whether Juanita Broaddrick is telling the truth, but how many more Juanita Broaddricks are out there. And still the answer doesn't matter. Because it's not "Republican Bill Clinton." It's "Democrat Bill Clinton." And it's Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York), not (R-New York). And today we judge people not by their actions, but by their platforms. So everyone is just glad that the incident happened long ago enough that it is easy to dismiss.

People who defend and support the Clintons would be surprised to discover that in doing so they have a fundamental conflict of interest. For these two people can't stand each other. And yet the question of whether there is love between the Clintons has come up in recent days, with most everyone seeming to believe that there is. Even the biggest cynic would be hard-pressed to answer with certainty that there isn't. But it is a different kind of love that binds the Clintons. It is the love that can sometimes be borne of the deepest kind of hatred.

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