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Jewish World Review Jan. 5, 2000 /26 Teves, 5760

Dick Kleiner

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Are 'Smart Girls' co-stars still living? -- Q. I saw the movie, "Three Smart Girls Grow Up," with Deanna Durbin. Are Nan Grey and Helen Parrish still living? How old are they now? -- T.N., Pittsburgh, Pa.

A. Both those supporting actresses are long gone -- Parrish died in 1959, and Grey in 1983.

Q. In August, in Auburn, Ind., I met Jane Withers. She was there as grand marshal for a parade, for Kruse International Auction. What a gracious lady! Please list some of her movies on video. -- R.M., Portsmouth, Ohio

A. Only two of her many movies, to our knowledge, are available on video. They are "Bright Eyes" and "Captain Newman, M.D."

Q. Several years ago (about 15) there was a movie made about the life of Alabama football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. I think the name of the movie was "Bear." Who starred in it, and is it out on video? -- K.W., Monroe, La.

A. "The Bear," which starred Gary Busey, came out in 1984, but, as far as our lists show, it is not available on video.

Q. I am very interested in reading about old movie stars, including their birth dates. Not just Wayne, Peck, Heston, etc., but good old troopers like Bob Steele and those guys who played barkeeps and bad guys over and over and over. Would you recommend a book? -- J.C.E., Conroe, Texas

A. The best source we know of for that kind of information is "Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion."

Q. I enjoy your articles, and would like to get some information concerning stars of the past. I contend that Tyrone Power was, at one time, married to Linda Darnell. My wife says that is not so. Please advise. -- N.E.S., Port St. Lucie, Fla.

A. We advise that you are right. Power was married three times, and Darnell was Mrs. Power from 1949 to 1955.

Q. Terry-Thomas appeared in the delightful black-and-white comedy, "School For Scoundrels," which I saw a couple of times in the 1950s on TV. Who played his male rival and the cute miss they both competed for? Is this movie available on video? -- K.C.S., Barstow, Calif.

A. The co-star of that 1960 film was Alastair Sim, and the cute miss was Janette Scott. We know of no video, however.

(Send your questions to: Ask Dick Kleiner, c/o Newspaper Enterprise Association, 200 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016. Due to the volume of mail, personal replies cannot be provided.)


01/03/00: Are the Beerys related?

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