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Israeli police save Arab porn actors from lynching | (UPI) -- TEL AVIV Israeli police Sunday saved an Arab porn actor from being lynched shortly after his wife, and partner in the film, was badly beaten.

She saved herself by hiding under a truck.

The couple, whose names were not disclosed, starred in an Israeli-Arab pornographic film, Youssuf and Fatma. The cover of the videocassette shows the two in the middle of an act against the background of a mosque.

The man is a Palestinian from Gaza while his wife is from the Israeli-Arab village of Tira.

The couple arrived in Tira on Sunday and was spotted at a commercial center.

"A crowd began to gather around them as soon as they were recognized," said an Israeli police officer. "The crowd started beating them with sticks and also threw stones at them."

The municipality's spokesman, Naseem Khait, said they believe the man was a collaborator, a term used to describe those Palestinians who cooperate with Israel.

Chief police inspector Shira Liberman confirmed the man was a former resident of Gaza who had settled in Israel.

Israeli police detectives rescued the man from the crowd and drove him away in a car. An ambulance evacuated the woman.

The couple was rushed to the nearby Meir hospital with multiple injuries.

Later, the woman told Israel's Channel 1 TV that she agreed to act in the film because her eight children were hungry and she needed money to feed them. She was paid $150.

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