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Heeeere's Jesse? Ventura may do TV talk show | (UPI) -- Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura may be headed back behind the microphone when he leaves office in January after serving one term as Minnesota governor.

The former professional wrestler-turned-politician reportedly is in talks with the MSNBC cable television channel.

Ventura has been a guest three times on the channel's highest-rated show, "Hardball," and he wraps up the last of his weekly Friday live "Lunch with the Governor" radio shows on Minnesota Public Radio Nov. 22.

MSNBC, which has talk shows hosted by Phil Donahue, Pat Buchanan and Lester Holt, said it had no comment on programming at this time but the St. Paul Pioneer Press said Wednesday Ventura and the cable outlet jointly owned by Microsoft and NBC had discussed a talk show focusing on general news and media criticism.

Interim Minnesota Sen. Dean Barkley, Ventura's former Independence Party campaign manager, said before he took his formal oath of office in Washington Tuesday, "He's (Ventura) a very interesting man. I think he's got a syndicated talk show on MSNBC. He lands on his feet."

Ventura has been a Navy SEAL, pro wrestler, ring broadcaster, action movie actor, talk-radio host and was a color commentator for the short-lived XFL professional football league.

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