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GOPers to support McKinney's foe -- Nearly 35 percent of Republicans in Georgia's 4th Congressional District are expected to cross over and vote in today's Democratic primary in an effort to oust Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney.

The Washington Times reported Monday that despite McKinney's denial that she is anti-Israel, Republicans are expected to join a strong Jewish vote in support of her opponent former state judge Denise Majette.

"We've been trying to get out the message that we need them to vote n the (Republican) primary, but everybody so detests McKinney," Dale Ranta, chairman of the DeKalb County Republican Party told the newspaper.

The Democratic winner is almost assured of election in the heavily Democratic district, which is about 50 percent black. There are about 70,000 registered Republicans in the 4th District, the Times said. State law permits primary voters to cast ballots for either party.

If it occurs, a 35 percent crossover "will be a real phenomenon," said William Boone, a Clark Atlanta University political science professor.

But, Dana Mott, a spokeswoman for McKinney, told the newspaper it is "absolutely a Republican effort" to remove the congresswoman.

McKinney's outspokenly pro-Palestinian stance has earned her thousands of dollars in campaign contributions Arab-Americans and Muslims, prompting Jewish organizations to support Majette's campaign.

Most polls show the race too close to call. But an ongoing Internet poll by local CBS affiliate WSB-TV gives Majette a lead of 63 percent to 37 percent.

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