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Consumer Reports

Bar plans bin Laden burning -- ROCHESTER, Wis., (UPI) | Some communities are planning tasteful events to commemorate the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington but not in southern Wisconsin.

The Bunker tavern has another take on a tribute: bar owners are planning a "Burn bin Laden"-fest. Think of it as payback.

"It's a surprise how we're going to do it," co-owner Jeff Hartzheim told Tuesday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "But it's going to be cool, very cool."

Hartzheim, a Vietnam War veteran, said he and his partners are planning a 15 minute military-style memorial ceremony. The climax will be a figure of Saudi mastermind Osama bin Laden going up in flames.

The restaurant sported a mannequin dressed to like the reputed terrorist leader atop their eatery after Sept. 11 but eventually retired it to the basement.

Hartzheim said he expects the party to offend some but "it's all in fun."

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