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Consumer Reports

Dear mom and dad -- send toilet paper | Mike Flynn wants his son, Ryan, to be as safe and comfortable as possible when he joins the troops already in the Persian Gulf.

So the sales manager at Unisource Worldwide Inc. in Lansing, Mich., and about two dozen co-workers, have pulled out the stops to get a pallet of toilet paper to the troops in Iraq. It seems the daily ration of tissue included in the meals-ready-to-eat packets is less than adequate for troop movements.

Flynn and his staff have put together about 2,400 rolls of toilet paper donated by Cascade Paper and "care packages" for the troops in Iraq. Now they're trying to work out shipping to Kuwait -- and it appears United Parcel Service is willing to pitch in and help.

Flynn's son, Ryan, 21, is a private in the 3rd Calvary stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado. He expects to be deployed next week.

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