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Consumer Reports

Take the desk with you | (UPI) -- One of the perks of being mayor of Bethlehem, Pa., is you get to take your desk with you when you go. The Allentown Morning Call reports outgoing mayors can, for a steeply discounted price, keep their office desks.

Former Mayor Don Cunningham in March left the office the same way he found it six years before -- devoid of desk, for which he paid $1,000 to the city, which paid $2,548 for it six years ago -- credenza, file and bookcase included.

Cunningham had said when elected in 1997 he wouldn't be taking his furniture with him when he left and would be happy to change the long-standing policy. He changed his mind, he said, thinking the desk would be a nice keepsake.

That creates a problem for interim Mayor James Delgrosso, who is stuck with an old metal desk with a Formica top that used to belong to city Parks and Public Property Director Charlie Brown. Delgrosso says if elected mayor he'll ask the practice be discontinued.

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