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Environmental authorities stop development project because of snakes | (UPI) A project in Mount Holly, N.J., is being halted while environmental authorities ponder the status of a rare snake.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says the Northern Pine Snake's supporters and an area home development company are squared-off in a debate about the future of a small housing development.

A group called Signature Homes wants to build about two dozen single-family dwellings in an area under the aegis of the Pinelands Commission in a pristine, wooded area of suburban New Jersey. A superior court judge has been hearing arguments in the case.

The housing development, to be called The Sanctuary, already has been started. Meanwhile, the builder says he's followed to the letter an agreement over land use that was implemented three years ago. At that time construction was temporarily halted and then restarted after the discovery of another rare type of snake in the area.

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