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Consumer Reports

Playskool toy recall | (UPI) -- The children's toy company Playskool says it's cooperating with federal regulators in the recall of some of its Magic Start Crawl 'n Stand toys. The products were sold in Wal-Mart stores in the past few months.

Playskool, headquartered in Rhode Island, is recalling one-third million of the Magic Start Crawl 'n Stand toys, designed to encourage crawling babies to pull themselves up and stand.

The problem is the toys can tip over during use and strike falling babies in the head, face or neck, resulting in injuries. Playskool has reported 44 incidents of toys tipping during use, including 26 reports of babies suffering injuries -- from a minor concussion to bumps, bruises, black eyes and cut lips.

The toys are multicolored and made of plastic, with a round base and three arched legs that support an electronic activity center. When crawling babies touch the frame of the toy, music, lights and spinning balls are activated. Babies can pull themselves up on the legs of the toy to play at the activity center.

The Playskool logo is on the base and top of the unit. Also, these notations appear: "ITEM # 06952" and "Made in China."

Consumers are advised to take this toy away from children and contact Playskool to get information on how to return the product for a free replacement item of similar value. For more information go to Playskool's Web site -- -- or call (800) 509-9554.

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