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Pain killers cut breast cancer risk | (UPI) -- Preliminary research shows over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin can reduce a woman's breast cancer risk significantly.

In an analysis of data collected for the Women's Health Initiative of the National Cancer Institute, researchers found women who take two or more non-steroidal, non-inflammatory drugs per week for five to nine years cut their chances of developing the deadly disease by more than 20 percent.

Women who used the drugs regularly for 10 or more years reduced their chances even more. Ibuprofen, the data demonstrated, was more than twice as effective as aspirin in dropping breast cancer risk while low-dose aspirin, less than 100 milligrams, had no effect.

Authors noted the results could be important, in particular for women at high risk for developing the disease, but further research should be done before guidelines are made.

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