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Consumer Reports

Maytag recalls thousands of ranges | (UPI) -- A national recall order has been issued by Maytag in cooperation with government regulators. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it's recalling all its Gemini Gas Ranges, a free-standing unit with separate upper and lower ovens. The Gemini model comes in white, black, bisque and stainless steel finishes.

The words "Maytag" and "Gemini" are prominently printed on the front of the ranges. The model number is MGR6772. The stoves were sold nationally from last summer until February for as much as $1,500.

The problem is some stoves can malfunction, causing what are called "flash-back" fires. So far there have been nine such fires; three burns were reported, along with damage to clothing.

For more information call the company at (866) 580-9177 or check on the Internet.

Owners are being advised not to use the lower and upper ovens at the same time and to stop using the self-clean and broil functions of the ranges.

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