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Consumer Reports

Is there really a need for a litter box that flushes itself? | (UPI) -- The Tech Age has a way to insinuating itself into just about every aspect of modern life -- take cat litter, for example.

Is there really a need for a litter box that flushes itself? Well, maybe it is a convenience, but it requires you to train your cat to use a box containing plastic pellets. Ever try to train a cat to do anything? Good luck!

Besides, it costs $299. It has to save a whole lot of scooping to pay for itself. So far, no sales at the local Petco. The do-it-yourself, scoopable stuff still reigns.

Then there's the area where high-tech and kitty definitely should remain apart (think claws on expensive furniture leather or fabric). Experts recommend training tools that either make loud noises or squirt water -- along with dogs and other cats, a feline's biggest nemeses.

Try placing a small, hard-plastic bottle with pennies next to the sofa. Next time kitty starts to claw, rattle it right away then put it down. The noise needs to be immediate, but it's best to disassociate yourself with it. If you use a squirt bottle, make sure the cat does not know from where the water came.

Just what is it with cats and string? They seem to go nuts over the stuff and try to eat it. Not a good idea. It can play havoc with their insides. Yes, what goes in does come out, but not every time.

You can go "cat fishing" with a pole and a cat-friendly lure. Tie the lure to a string, attach the string to the pole, and kitty will amaze you and visitors with the aerobatics.

Looking for fun cat toys? We did a search recently and here's what we found:

Check out Don't miss (no www) Likewise with

For those in the audience who like cats but at a distance, then you gotta try Lotsa fun!

We could go on, but kitty just jumped on the fttfserd;yhjy (keyboard).

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