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Stationed marines find, return Gulf War I letter | (UPI) -- In the first Gulf War, Brian O'Meara was a Marine stationed on the U.S.N.S. Curtiss and while there he misplaced a letter sent to him from his family.

The Seattle Times reports O'Meara, now a postal service worker in Redmond, Wash., got the surprise of his life last week when his letter was returned -- sent to him from four Marines now stationed on the Curtiss in this second war with Iraq.

The Times reports the Marines added their own note: "As I'm sure you're aware we are back on the boat in the Persian Gulf again. This time we don't have the support at home ... but our families understand what we are here for."

O'Meara told the paper the comments from the Marines made him sad and he already has written back, giving them his support and asking for more details on how and where they found the letter.

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