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Consumer Reports

Anti-war activists picket Fox News | (UPI) Anti-war activists gathered in front of the Fox News Channel offices in Washington on Thursday to protest the network's coverage of the war in Iraq.

Organized by Code Pink, Global Exchange, and Media Alliance, the event drew about 75 protesters.

In a letter to the bureau, Code Pink told Fox News it not reporting the events in Iraq objectively.

"We are writing to remind the Fox News Channel that according to your own promotions, you are supposed to be 'fair and balanced,'" the letter said. "You seem to have forgotten this motto in your coverage of the war in Iraq. You also seem to have forgotten some of the basic precepts of journalism -- such as the one that journalists are supposed to report the truth."

A Fox spokesman declined to comment.

Yu-Lan Tu, an organizer with Code Pink, said Fox is glorifying what is in her view an illegitimate war and acting as a cheerleader for the war effort.

"They're the most pro-war channel in the U.S. -- they forgot that journalism is about objectivity," she said. "They don't cover casualties, they don't report about deaths and damaged infrastructure."

Gael Murphy, a documentary filmmaker who has been to numerous anti-war protests, said she decided to attend the rally to tell Fox News they were not living up to their motto of "fair and balanced reporting."

"The American people have been fed biased information from the media. There is no link between Iraq and al-Qaida -- intelligence agencies have not made links between Iraq and al-Qaida," she said.

But Kristinn Taylor, co-leader of the Washington Chapter of Free Republic, told UPI he believes the Fox News Channel is being fair and balanced.

Bill Floyd, a member of the Washington chapter, said journalists at Fox News have been objective in their reporting.

"I think when they do straight news, it's straight news. They tell it like it is," he said.

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