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Consumer Reports

E-mail snafus increasingly hurt business | (UPI) -- The informality of e-mail and instant messaging is creating a new problem for the workplace, reported Tuesday.

Sensitive information, jokes and risque images increasingly are finding their way into the wrong mailboxes, according to the online publication.'s report, riddled with examples of embarassing and sometimes costly mistakes, pointed out accidental and misfired messages are causing legal headaches and hurting business.

"E-mail is amazing," said Michelle Drolet, chief executive officer of systems integrator and security auditor Conqwest.

"People write nasty letters and do things they would never do in real life." Drolet told she's seen business plans and financial statements accidently sent to the wrong people.

Said one Oracle executive, who called the president's strategy "idiotic" in an inadvertent e-mail to him: "My motto since this event is to always write your e-mails with the assumption that they may be read by the person you would least want to see them."

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