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Court rules on barking --- by humans | (UPI) -- An Ohio District Court of Appeals says it's OK to bark at a police dog -- as long as you are far enough away.

The Athens News says the case involves a Zanesville man, 22-year-old Jeremy Gilchrist, who was arrested for "taunting" a police dog.

Gilchrist was walking with friends when they saw "Pepsie" was shut in a police cruiser and barking. Gilchrist began barking back at the dog, causing it to become frenzied, jump around in the car and slam itself against the windows, the paper reports.

A lower court ruled, and the appeals court agreed, enforcing the law, which makes it illegal to "taunt, torment or strike a police dog or horse" violated Gilchrist's right to free speech. The court said Gilchrist was across the street, never had physical contact with the dog and was not warned to stop barking before police arrested him.

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