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Consumer Reports

84-year woman makes them stop in their tracks | (UPI) -- Bobbie Beckwith is an 84-year-old Indianapolis powerhouse who is not afraid to get involved.

The Indianapolis Star says she saw a couple fighting. When the man started hitting the woman, she told him to stop. The man was unimpressed and asked, "Who are you, lady?"

Beckwith, a retired kindergarten teacher who volunteers as a Bible teacher at the Marion County Jail, pulled out her Marion County Sheriff's Department parking pass and pointed to it, saying "I'm from the Sheriff's Department. You let her go." The man backed down.

"Bobbie is sort of what G-d intended people to be," Jane Ann Lemen, a retired assistant jail chaplain who worked with her in the jail ministry, told the paper. "She's just a person who loves other people. It doesn't matter if they're the governor or the street sweeper."

The city has said thanks many times. She's won more than 40 community awards.

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