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Jewish World Review April 27, 2001 / 5 Iyar, 5761

Getting Hired By Marvin Walberg

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Need a job? Don't forget pantyhose -- SUPPOSE Company X has a job opening for which you're a perfect match, but a friend told you they don't offer benefits.

You need benefits. Do you let it slide or go investigate for yourself?

Or, there's a job opening with a well-known company, and you have great experience and qualifications, only you're 20 credits shy of a degree and you've heard they hire only college graduates.

Should you go for it, or believe the rumor? Listen to the advice of others. Networking contacts are incredibly important, but should you believe everything you hear or sometimes take a chance and go sell yourself?

Sometimes you have to consider the source, listen to your heart, believe in yourself, and do what others fail to do: go for it!

Back in the '80s I was the placement director of a business school that taught word processing. We also taught all students to dress professionally at school and for job interviews.

Toward the end of one session, a young student I'll call Jean came to me and asked, "Mr. Walberg, you got me an interview with a temp agency tomorrow, and since it's 90 degrees, do I really have to wear pantyhose?"

Jean knew the answer was "yes," so I just gave her a fatherly look.

"But Marcie went to that same agency yesterday without pantyhose and got a $5-an-hour assignment!" Jean argued.

I said, "Jean, you can be like Marcie if you choose, or you can do what you know is right. Make your own decision."

Jean suffered the heat, wore pantyhose and got a six-week assignment for $6 an hour that eventually turned permanent, with benefits.

It's amazing what can happen if you know your abilities, believe in yourself, effectively match your skills to an employer's needs, then prove your worth on the job.

Hiring freezes thaw, benefits and other perks magically appear, flex time schedules come available, and your bills get paid. Sometimes rumors are true and sometimes you have to find things out for yourself. Believe in yourself, sell your skills and abilities, do what others fail to do, and sell yourself a job.

Marvin Walberg is a job search consultant and the author of ''About Getting Hired: the Job Search.'' Comment by clicking here.


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