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Jewish World Review April 26, 2001 / 4 Iyar, 5761

Greg Avery

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Consumer Reports

Attempt to adopt cat results in man's arrest -- BOULDER, Colo. -- A man's intention to adopt Jasmine the cat for $75 from the Humane Society was genuine. Police say his money was not.

Police say they think Douglas Ryan Oeters of Boulder tried to buy the gray Himalayan on Friday with photocopies of $20 bills printed on crumpled yellowing paper, reports said.

"He pulled out the money, and we both started laughing. We were like, 'yeah, right,'" said Briana Rooney, who works at the shelter and helped Oeters, 20, as another employee looked on.

Oeters, 20, then tried to pay with a real $100 bill, police reported. Staff members called police and stalled until officers showed up.

When officers asked Oeters where he got the bills, he said they must have come from the bank, where he'd cashed a check given to him by a man who bought his dog, reports said.

Officers found 42 suspected counterfeit $20 bills in Oeters' wallet, the serial numbers of which matched two real $20 bills he also had in his wallet, police reported.

Oeters said he did not know the money was fake and asked to see an attorney, reports said.

Police arrested Oeters on suspicion of felony forgery.

In January 2000, a family adopted Jasmine but returned her to the shelter last month, saying the 9-year-old feline did not get along well with other cats.

Another person has requested Jasmine for adoption, Rooney said.

"She's a popular cat," she said. "She's beautiful."

Greg Avery writes for the Daily Camera in Boulder, Co. Comment by clicking here.


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