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Jewish World Review April 16, 2001 / 23 Nissan, 5761

Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer

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Consumer Reports

Use your computer a lot? Listen up ... -- WHEN was the last time you backed up your hard drive? Be honest.

Let's face it, this has got to be one of the most tedious tasks ever foisted on computer users. And it doesn't matter whether you're saving your data to tape, compact disk or some other media. Your computer can be tied up for hours, especially when performing a complete backup.

Enter Backup Now! ($69.95) from NewTech Infosystems Inc. The newest version of the software works with any Windows operating system from Windows 95 to Win2000 and, although they have done little to reduce the speed at which you data is backed up, they have made the task a bit easier. It even creates a bootable CD for you.

The one drawback is that the program will only back up to compact disks, which makes the process agonizingly slow, so be prepared to spend a few hours tied to your PC when backing up an entire hard drive or system. But, after that, weekly data backups only take a few minutes, because the program keeps track of previous tasks and will only back up new files or files that have been changed.

Among its features are:

- A step-by-step interface and wizard to guide new users through their first backup.

- Variable speed packet writing, which means that it will adapt to the highest rated speed of your CDR/RW drive.

- Auto speed control for write optimization.

- Data is compressed "on-the-fly" to increase storage and reduce backup time. In fact, you can select either medium, high or no compression.

-You can append or overwrite or append CDRW disks.

- You can restore your data from any CD, hard drive or restore single files.

- Silent Restore boots from a recovery CD and then restores your data.

- You can schedule daily, weekly and monthly backups.

- You can exclude files by extension or by specific attributes.

- You can generate reports of all backup and restore activity.

- You can backup files from a remote location.

- You can backup files that are "in use," which means all of your data will be backed up.

So, if you don't want to go to the expense of a digital tape drive or other high-speed device, this does the job and does it well.

NTI also makes DriveImage Backup, which makes an "image" of your Hard drive on a CD or another hard drive, and CD-Maker 2000, which has all the features of professional CD creation software.

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